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Thanks for stopping by our About Us page! My name is Enda and I run the site here: ToolandGo.com.

Like many of you out there, I was first introduced to power tools as a teenager by my Dad many years ago.

He worked as a carpenter so I guess it was in my blood to begin with. I have loved them ever since and the technology we have today, just means that they keep getting better and better all the time.

It was almost inevitable that I would go into a similar trade and I started out as an electrician. Like many I worked on building sites, private jobs and anything that would bring the money in.

With the help of my Dad and a close friend, I then started a small construction company doing small jobs initially and then larger jobs.

It is hard to explain just how much having good power tools helped us complete all those jobs. Not only did they save us a ton of time, but we managed to do certain tasks that quite frankly would have been impossible without them.

I always found that if you spent a few extra dollars on getting good tools that it saved you money in the long term. Out of all the tools that I used power drills and the various accessories were the ones that I had to use every day.

Like any small company starting out cash flow is tight so the temptation is always there to buy cheap tools. I made that mistake and not only did I find it frustrating working with them, but they simply did not stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday use.

I am sure you know the feeling of using a useless screwdriver, or a drill with no power. It just won’t get the job done and leaves you very frustrated.

When I started looking for good power drills online, all that I found was A LOT of information and a great number of options. In fact, there was so much information, that it was hard to figure out all the different brands and what the differences actually were.

All I wanted was somewhere that I could compare prices, ratings, sizes, brands, and more in an easy to read and use format. I also found a lot of lists and many Youtube videos from people sharing what their opinions of what the best drills on the market were.

I don’t mind reading reviews but I like the cold hard facts and direct comparisons. There were not that many buying guides for the various cordless drills and combos out there, I decided to create my own.

After spending many hours of research and analysis, I have put together my own reviews that actually look at these tools from a working perspective and also based on good value for your money.

Over the years I have used many brands and different types of drills. Now I don’t think there is anyone out that has tried every brand and model of drill on the market.

However I think I have provided a valuable resource based on the available information that is out there and I have certainly covered off most things that involve drilling. I think that my “How To Guides” are particularly helpful.

In addition to drills, we also used electric saws and sanders quite a lot. I have therefore included a category on all the various electrical power saws that are available in the market.

This includes saws like the popular jigsaw, chop saws, chainsaws, reciprocating saws, mitre saws and just about any saw that you can think of.

With reference to wood sanders, we have include belt sanders and random orbital sander reviews.

My aim with this website is to give you the information you need in an easy to digest format so that you can make the best possible drill buying decision based on what matters to YOU.

I will be providing my own opinions and personal research along the way, but when it comes right down to it, you might be more concerned with price than the colour or size.

As I do more research, I’ll be providing in-depth reviews of various brands and products. I will include videos of my own tests with different tools and more comparative analysis.

In short, I hope my site here will help you find the best power drill for you.

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If you have any questions or even comments then please feel free to leave them here at my contact page.