Best Magnetic Bit Holders 2021

There are some clever accessories for power tools and one of my favorites is the magnetic bit holder. Now I have to confess that I am a man, and one who does not have a lot of patience.

By owning a few of these bit holders, thankfully I have reduced the amount of swear words I use when I am drilling or screwing into anything.

I am sure most people will know what these can do, but just in case you don’t, I have included a short video below.

As you can see, they come in all shapes and sizes, and as the chap in the video says, “none of them are perfect.” That said, they are often better than nothing. I thought I would take a closer look at what is available in the market, and see what people are saying about them.

When I started my own quest I have used quite a few of these but I wanted to avoid just using my own opinion. I gathered up the reviews that were available, and then decided that the best way to present these on my website, was to just place them in order of rating, with the highest rated first.

Hopefully all of that makes sense. Below you will find my Top 10 table.

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Here is a short review on each of the above magnetic holders

Milwaukee 48-32-4502 Shockwave Compact Magnetic Bit Tip Holder

Milwaukee 48-32-4502 Shockwave Compact Magnetic Bit Tip HolderThis one costs around $7 and has the highest rating at 4.9 out of 5 stars. Its main features are:

  • 2-piece construction withstands abuse in impact applications
  • Proprietary steel and heat treat process for maximum strength and durability
  • Strong magnetic tip for secure grip

This is a 1/4″ shank and is 3″ in length.

It has a very strong magnetic grip so really holds the bits in place. A couple of buyers say you may even have to use pliers to remove the bits. That is actually a good thing as you will never have to worry about bits falling out.

Makita B-35112 Impact Gold Torsion Magnetic Insert Bit Set

Makita B-35112 Impact Gold Torsion Magnetic Insert Bit Set, 11-PieceNext on the list is this bit set from Makita. This product costs around $13 and gets very good ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Now with this one you get the holder, but you also get 10 bits.

The magnet power on these is double what you normally get on other branded magnetic bit holders. They are made from high quality steel, designed for high torque impact drivers.

They are very high quality and a very nice set to own. Makita have done a very good job with these ones and buyers do seem to love them a lot. They are particularly good for use if you are doing decking.

TEKTON 2901 Magnetic Bit Holder, 6-Inch

TEKTON 2901 Magnetic Bit Holder, 6-InchThis costs around $9 and gets a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This one has a chrome vanadium steel shaft and is the standard and universal fit 1/4 in. hex shank
It does have a strong magnet retains bit in place.

It is 6″ long and plenty of people have bought this one. This one has been designed for quick changing of bits which at the end of the day is all we need.

If you have a cordless drill/driver, then you know, that one of these will allow you into awkward places, and will also hold the tip in place, and also help hold the screw until you get it screwed into place.

DEWALT DW2054 1/4-Inch Compact Magnetic Bit Tip Holder

DEWALT DW2054 1-4-Inch Compact Magnetic Bit Tip HolderYou will have guessed that there will be a few magnetic bit holders from Dewalt on my list and of course there is. This is their highest rated one and costs about $6 and has attracted a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. This is the one I use myself. If you want a bit to use, where the screws will not wobble, and something that holds them firmly in place, then get a hold of this one.

Now you know I am a Dewalt fan, and I use a lot of their tools, so I am probably biased. This one works a treat and I wouldn’t use anything else. Nothing slips, slides or wobbles when you have this as your choice.

I use this one a lot and you normally get a year’s use out of it. They all eventually wear out but for $6 a year, to be honest, it doesn’t take a great deal of thought.

Hitachi 115003 No.2 Phillips Magnetic Driver Bit

Hitachi 115003 No.2 Phillips Magnetic Driver BitThis is the one that the chap mentioned in the video and it costs around the $6 price point and gets a rating overall of 4.6 out of 5 stars. As you can see from the image this is a 2-bit pack, so for around that price, you have a couple of magnetic bits. They also use their collar design which really holds the bits and screws very well.

They come with a 30 day warranty and they are made from a very high quality steel. A couple of the guys I work with use these and they rate them highly. I have used one of these and they are good and get the job done. I still prefer my Dewalt, but there is not a great deal to choose between them.

Often, we just get used to something and stick with that. Buyers like these and there are plenty of them.

DEWALT DW2055 Magnetic Bit Tip Holder

DEWALT DW2055 Magnetic Bit Tip HolderThis is another one from Dewalt and is slightly cheaper at around $5 and has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This one can handle up to size 10 screws, and as you would expect is really high quality.

It has a self-retracting guide sleeve which helps protect the fingers and holds screws in place
It also helps a lot to eliminate any wobbling and slipping

It is ideal for driving in longer screws one handed. I have used this one in the past when working on decking and found it to be very good.

The length of this one is just a bit short for my liking at around 4.75″. You may see this advertised as a 6″ bit but it isn’t.

DEWALT DW2099CS Drive Guide & Holder Set- 16Tips

DEWALT DW2099CS Drive Guide & Holder Set- 16TipsIf you fancy splashing out a little more and in and around $11 then this drive guide rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars might be a very good choice for you. It also comes with a 3-year warranty like many Dewalt products.

There are 2 bits in there, both magnetic bits and one is 4″ long and the other one is 6″ long.

One reviewer stated that you will probably lose these before you out wear them. I have had my own set for about 2 years, and so far so good. And yes I have lost one bit. Somehow, no matter how careful I am, there is always one or 2 bits that have the art of disappearing.

DEWALT DW2095 Magnetic Drive Guide Set

DEWALT DW2095 Magnetic Drive Guide SetThis one costs around $10 and has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars according to actual buyers. This is a nice little set that has the most important sized bits.

It is perfect for driving in screws up to 4″ in length.

The magnetic bits are 2″ and 4″ in length so not as big as I would like, but they are useful enough for most jobs. They are certainly ideal for most jobs around the home.

The set is well made and they will last for a good long time. It is not a set I own as I like the longer bits that I have reviewed above. The reviews though are good from the people who did buy this smaller set.

Bosch CC60491 Compact Drive Guide

Bosch CC60491 Compact Drive GuideSo that was the last of the Dewalt products on the list and I thought I would include one from Bosch. This one also costs around $6 and is rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars. One of my work colleagues is a Bosch brand and owns many of their tools. Personally I prefer this brand for my garden tools, but he likes many of their products.

I have used this one and it works fine, but at 3.25″ in length, I find it is just too small in length for the type of work that I want to do. It is fine for jobs around the home, and it is certainly well made.

There are a lot of buyer reviews on this one, and these buyers use it for a range of tasks. It is good for driving in screws up to about 2.5″ in length and I found it struggled with anything longer than that.


Makita B-35106 Impact Gold Torsion Magnetic Insert Bit Holder

Makita B-35106 Impact Gold Torsion Magnetic Insert Bit HolderAnd last is the Makita which is cheap enough at around $5. Overall it gets a rating of  4.3 out of 5 stars so not quite as good as the others on the list.

I have already reviewed the set that Makita sells above and just think that it is better value. This is simply the magnetic bit holder from that kit sold on its own.

Buyers like this one and they have a few different sets of bits which you can buy as separates. No question that this is a good product, and buyers like it.

So there you have it folks, some reviews on what I think are the best magnetic bit holders currently available in the market.