Black & Decker LDX120C Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

The LDX120C model used to be one of the best selling cordless drills in the entire Black and Decker range. However this drill is no longer available in most stores. You may however still be able to find this online or as a second hand or used item.

As such you may want to check out our full reviews of the Black & Decker range of drills by clicking here.

This brand do the most extensive range of these types of drills and all of them get consistently good ratings and are at what we would term affordable prices.

There really is something there for most budgets with prices ranging from $35-100.

This one though is their best selling model so we wanted to have a closer look at it and see why it tops the sales.

You can see from the image to the right, that this is a solid looking drill and is powered by a powerful 20 volt Lithium-Ion battery.

In this article we check out if you are getting good value for your money, and if this drill will suit your exact needs?

LDX120C Quick Guide

For those of you who do not have time to read the full review and buying guide below we have put together what we call our quick guide. This lists the key features:

  • Overall there are thousands of buyer reviews which tells you that this popular drill sells really well
  • Overall it has achieved a buyer satisfaction rate of 90%, which is impressive
  • A sensible average Retail price at around $55
  • 20 Volt Lithium-Ion battery which offers a longer life and more drilling capability
  • Allows precise drilling and no stripping of screw heads thanks to an 11-point clutch mechanism
  • Also has a variable speed option ideal for drilling through different materials

As you can see from the video above this one is well rated and liked by even the experts in the field. Please just remember that this is a good one for general use around the home and for doing those odd jobs that pop up from time to time.

Detailed Review of the LDX120C

Below we have completed a more detailed review of this best selling model. Generally speaking it is a light and compact drill which makes it ideal for getting into confined spaces.

Think of things like under cupboards and you get the idea of what we mean.

The Black & Decker LDX120C is a cordless drill and driver designed to work even in small spaces as I have mentioned above.

It is suitable for drilling into metal, wood, plastic and also driving different types of screws. It is a handy drill to keep inside the house and available for any tasks that may need done from time to time.

The compact drill has dimensions of 10.6 (L) x 3.7 (W) x 8.5(H) inches, and weighs 3.4 pounds, which in comparison to other drills out there, would be considered light in weight and about the average weight for drills of this nature.

It operates via 20-volt rechargeable lithium -ion battery that can store charge for up to 18 months and requires between 1 and 2 hours of charging.

The drill/ driver delivers 115 inches per pound of torque and has a maximum speed of 650 RPM. That is more than enough power to be able to do most home tasks.

It comes with an 11 position clutch system that minimizes stripping of screws. The accessory features LED lights that help illuminate dark places. It offers a non-slip soft grip for firm handling, comfort and control during use. It also comes with a 2-year manufacturer limited warranty.

The Good And What We Like

Compact & Lightweight

The LDX120C drill and driver from Black & Decker is among the smallest products in its category. It comes with a compact design that makes it easy to use in very tight spaces without too much inconvenience.

The drill can be used from several angles effectively without undermining quality. Due to its lightweight of about 3.4 pounds, a user will not feel exhausted because of carrying and using it for long duration.

Strong & Powerful

Although it is among the smallest drills in the market, this one delivers reliable power and torque that will see you accomplish many tasks.

Offering 115 lb of torque and a maximum of 650 RPM, the drill and driver works on most surfaces effortlessly and offers good continuous performance.

The only times that you need a more powerful drill will be if you regularly need to drill through brick or concrete.

Otherwise a drill like this can easily handle those smaller tasks with some ease. When you combine both the speed and the torque, then this can get through most materials.

Durable Battery & Quick Charging

One reason that attracts buyers to the LDX120C is its reliable and durable battery. If unused, the battery can store charge for up to 18 months. This assures you of readily available power around the clock. It only takes 1 to 2 hours to fully restore the charge.

That is a big plus for many users who can easily forget to charge up a battery before use. To all intensive purposes this one is always ready for action.

Good & Comfortable Grip

The Black & Decker drill & driver is made from quality material and is ergonomically designed. Holding it for a long duration or in tight angles will not cause any harm or fatigue to the hand or body.

It is covered by a soft and anti-slip material that not only provides good and tight grip but also minimises sweating of the hands.

Adequate Illumination in the Dark

The handy drill/driver comes with LED work lights that illuminate the surface. This minimises the chances of errors such as drilling at the wrong spot or driving in screws the wrong way. It also saves the user from straining the eyes too much. The LED lights last for a very long time and don’t need constant replacement.

The Bad and What We Didn’t Like

Torque Not Adequate For Heavy Usage

The Drill& driver delivers 115 inch per pound of torque which is adequate for small jobs but not suitable for heavy usage. Trying to use it on heavy jobs may lead to sparks and smoking as it tries to overcome the strain.

If you think of trying to drill a large hole through concrete or granite this will be the type of job that this drill is not built to handle. For that you need something like a powerful hammer drill.

Not a Professional Tool

The drill and driver is best suited for small activities in the home such as installing curtain rails, fixing small fixtures, drilling small holes. But, it doesn’t deliver adequate power and torque that is needed for professionals, contractors or intensive activity.

Difficulty in Tightening the Chuck

Tightening the chunk on the drill bit can be a bit of a problem especially to first time users. This may lead to slippage when the bit catches or during heavy usage. It requires some good leverage and effort to get it properly tightened.

Summary of Buyer Reviews

When you see thousands of buyer reviews with an average consistent rating of 90%, you know that you are getting a good product that does the job, is reliable and durable. One reviewer said this:

This drill packs more than enough punch for the serious DIYer (more than just a picture-hanger). Charges very quickly and maintains that charge for when you need it

And another one said this about this product:

Best I have ever had. Lightweight and the battery seems to last forever. Haven’t charged it since I got it a few months ago

Those pretty much sum up this product in a nutshell. Around 4% of people rated this with a poor reviews, whereas 70% rated it as a 5 star. Generally speaking those who rated it lowly were expecting a much more powerful drill and were disappointed as a result of that.

Conclusion & Verdict

You are getting good value for your money with the LDX120C. Yes there are a few minor complaints by some buyers but overall this one got consistent and positive reviews. If this is not the B&D drill for you, then feel free to check out, our top 10 list of Black and Decker Drills.

Regards this one, we would not hesitate in recommending this one to you because it is high quality and great value for money.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun

Enda McLarnon

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