Bosch 5312 Miter Saw Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

Review of the Bosch 5312 Miter Saw

Welcome to our review of the Bosch 5312 miter saw. This is a 12 inch, dual bevel saw that also is a sliding compound model. This is a high quality saw, and as such, is at the higher end of the price point. The price of this particular model will indeed put many people off.

The best price for this will still set you back around $700, and I have seen it on many online stores at well over $1,000. If your heart is set on this one, then be sure to shop around, to get the best deal that you can.

Bosch 5312 miter saw review

As you can see from the image above, this is a good looking saw, and designed in the highly traditional Bosch style. Owning a miter saw of this quality means that you will be able to almost any sawing task around the home. This model has been designed with the professional tradesman in mind.

If they buy and use this one, then you can be assured that it is more than you will need, for most tasks or projects around the home or garden.​

Bosch 5312 12 Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw Review

Below we have completed a more detailed review on this Bosch 5312 model. It is a compound miter saw that is good for cutting wider pieces of material, thanks to its sliding action. Most people will be familiar with the Bosch brand, which is a German brand. The company has been making high quality tools since it was founded over 127 years ago.

How Buyers Rate the Bosch 5312 Model

I like to read reviews when I purchase any product. If I am going to be spending a lot of money, I like to read a LOT of reviews to be very sure. I have summarised below how buyers rate this Bosch saw. The ratings are done on a star basis rating, with 5 stars being the best, and 1 star being the worst.

These are good reviews and ratings as customers have bought this miter saw, used it, and then taken the time to leave a review. I have summarised these findings below in percentage terms, which are easy to see.​

65 %
22 %
3 %
4 %
6 %

This is a useful way to look at these ratings. From this we can determine that 2 out of 3 buyers give this saw the full 5 star treatment. 87% of all buyers rate it as a 4 star product or higher, and the low 1 star ratings account for 6% of all those who have made the purchase.

Overall it rates as a 4.2 out of 5 star product.​

Video Review of the Bosch 5312

I always like to see a good video review of the product, and I also like to see it in action. After some extensive searching through YouTube, I did find a 5 minute video review that I think is very good. You can watch that just below.

Bosch 5312 Specification and Key Features

For those of you that like to see the technical data, I have also included that just below.

  • Size 40 x 22 x 22 inches and weighs around 77 lbs
  • Runs off a 15 amp motor
  • Comes with a 1 year limited warranty and also has a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Has a Direct drive with a speed of 3200 rpm
  • It also has an electric brake
  • It is a corded electric supply with 120 volt design
  • If using in your workshop the space it takes up is Front-back ( 44 inc) left-right ( 40 inc) with extended base

What Buyers Say About the Bosch 5312 Miter Saw

So we know that buyers rate this saw highly enough, and we also know its specification and its key features. I also like to include what buyers say, as there are always some very useful insights to be had.

Below I have included a list of Pros and Cons based on what buyers have said.​


  • High cutting capacity
  • Large base
  • Extension arms included
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Comes with dust bag


  • I year warranty
  • LED laser is not included
  • Heavy

More Detail On What Buyers Say

Bosch 5312 review

Ease of Use

​When using a mitre saw for the first time, it can actually be quite daunting. A basic one is easy enough to figure out. However when you add double bevels and a sliding mechanism, then there are a few more controls to figure out.

Most buyers said that angles are easy to adjust, as are the sliding side extensions and swivel and bevel options.  The bevel lock and range selector knob are at the front of the saw making adjustments a great deal easier.

How Accurate Is It?

You don't really want to be setting this one up right out of the box. Invariably with most miter saws you will at least have to check. Most buyers stated that ​this one comes ready to go, and extremely accurate right out of the box. That is always a good thing.

Again all buyers said that any cuts they made were indeed very good and highly accurate, exactly what you want from a mitre saw.​ Its bevel, detent and miter scales,are ideal for quick angle setting and adjustments. The saw offers bevel stops and detents at 0, 33.9, and 45 degrees on the left and right.

Tough & Powerful Enough?

Bosch 5312 levers and knobs

After accuracy, you want your electric saw to be powerful enough to allow you to get the job done. Once again buyers stated that this one delivers on that.

The motor is powerful enough and the blade spins quickly enough to allow you to cut through material quickly and effectively.​ It can easily handle wood like 2x4, 2x6 and 2x12 with considerable ease.

It comes with a 60 tooth blade and also has the all important electric blade to stop the blade quickly when the saw is stopped.​ It has 4.5 inch speed-track sliding fences for easy bevel setup and crown molding, and that is very useful to have.

Our Verdict on the Bosch 5312 Compound Sliding Miter Saw

The price will we think put most people off. Generally speaking the saw is good and certainly more than you will ever need for most jobs around the home. The brand has a good reputation and overall buyers rate it as a 4.2 out of 5 star product.

2 out of every 3 people give it a full 5 star rating so have no doubt about the quality of this particular 5312 Bosch saw.​

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun

Enda McLarnon

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