Bosch HDS182-02L Drill Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

The Bosch HDS182-02L is an 18-volt hammer drill that is just about as tough as they come. It comes with 2 Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger and a high quality carrying and storage box.

This box is part of the LBoxx2 stacking system, which is of course exclusive to the Bosch brand.

This is an expensive purchase and will set you back around $600 800 depending on where you make your purchase.

It is really good quality and it is a drill that will be able to handle all the really tough jobs, without letting you down. Let’s take a closer look at this one and we shall start with the main specification.

HDS182-02L Features and Specifications

  • The Bosch HDS182-02L hammer drill/driver comes in dimensions of 18.5” L x 14.4” W x 6.2” H, and weighs 12.2 pounds.
  • The compact and cordless hammer drill/driver is housed in Durashield, a composite of ABS/nylon composite.
  • A distinctive feature of the HDS 182-02L is its brushless motor that comes with customized Electronic Motor Protection System for optimal performance, efficiency, and durability.
  • Also featured in the drill are variable speed trigger, 18+ 1 clutch positions, and built-in LED torch.
  • Two SlimPack18V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries also come in the drill kit.
  • In addition to providing a maximum torque output of 442 in.lbs, the drill comes with two variable speeds. 0-500 RPM that is suited for more torque-demanding duties and 0-1700 RPM for the lighter and less-torque demanding applications.

So as you can see this one is built for power and has been designed to remain durable and really tough.

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  • The hammer drill can resist frequent use, constant banging, and falls from 10-feet height due to its Durashield housing. In addition to maximizing efficiency, and smooth operation, the brushless motor also lasts two times longer than ordinary motor.
  • This is further enhanced by Electronic motor Protection system that ensures the motor unit doesn’t overheat due to overworking. Using the drill for long hours or holding it tightly will not cause fatigue or soreness courtesy of the soft-grip wrapped housing.
  • The built-in LED torch and the balanced weight also contribute to the improved comfort and stability.
  • Using the drill in tight spots is not an issue as it comes in a compact design and the controls/triggers are within reach. The Bosch HDS182-02L comes with a magnetic 4-tip holder and a belt clip for safe and efficient storage of bits.
  • The Electronic Cell Protection System ensures the batteries are not overworked and remain cool consequently extending the battery’s life.


Durable and Strong

Despite being banged against other objects and dropping occasionally, the Bosch HDS182-02L maintained its shape and didn’t suffer any damage. Its body can withstand scratches and knocks pretty well.

Powerful and Fast Speed

Its top speed of 1700 RPM makes the drill quite fast and easily tackles most light duties in the workshop or home. Its torque is also well-suited for even the more demanding tasks such as driving long screws or drilling through hard surfaces.

Ergonomic and Compact

The drill comes in an ergonomic design and comfortable handle that is well-suited for lengthy drilling and driving. Its compact design lessens the likelihood of sore or tired fingers and hands.

Reliable and Versatile

The drill puts up a good performance continuously and on a variety of surfaces. It will drill holes and drive screws without hesitation.


The Bit Holder Not So Reliable

The drill holder doesn’t do a good job in regard to holding bits and screws. The items spill out rather easily especially when help upside-down even when the holder has been tightened.

Costs More

Compared to similar models in the market, the drill/driver costs slightly more. This is evident in both new as well as factory-reconditioned units.

Charging Takes a While

A fully-drained or dead battery requires at least 45 minutes to get fully charged, while other models in the same class take about 30 minutes.

What’s in The Pack?

  • One (1) Bosch HDS182-02L 18-volt Brushless 1/2-inch Compact Tough Hammer Drill/Driver
  • Two (2) 2.0Ah SlimPack Batteries (BAT612)
  • One(1) High Capacity Charger
  • One(1) 4X Bit Tip Holder
  • One (1) 4 Piece Bit Tip Set
  • One(1) Magnetic Bit Tip Holder
  • One (1) L-BOXX-2 Carrying Case
  • One(1) Belt Clip.

Summary and Verdict

Bosch do a number of hammer drills and this is one of their best ones. There is no doubt that this one has been very well built, is most certainly durable and the brushless motor will extend its life considerably.

It does take a bit longer to charge the batteries that we would like, that said, you do get a couple of good quality batteries, so not really a huge issue.

Check Current Availability at Amazon

For us this one is all about the price. It is not a cheap option and a lot of the cost is actually in their stacking case. Anyone who buys this one will not be disappointed in terms of performance though, and at the end of the day, Bosch is a good and reliable brand.

You are getting plenty for your money as batteries are expensive. That fact that you get two with this means that you can stay working for longer.

One battery can be charging when you are using the other one. Personally we like the Bosch stacking system as well as it stops tools sliding around, if you are travelling with them.

Overall we would recommend the Bosch HDS182-02L as it is a robust product. It has cool pack technology that will stop the batteries and the motor from overheating. That means your drill will just last a great deal longer. That is always a very good thing.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun

Enda McLarnon

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