DEWALT DCK296M2 Review

DEWALT DCK296M2 Review

The DEWALT DCK296M2 is an expensive combo kit, and is best suited for a contractor or someone who takes their power tools very seriously. This is not the sort of kit that the ordinary house holder would need, but if you can afford it, then just buy it because it is extremely high quality.

DEWALT are known for making tools, and make exceptional cordless tools, so you will not go wrong if you purchase this one. They have been around for a very long time and are known for producing some of the best and high quality tools on the market.

Sadly for most people the price tag of around $320 puts it out of people’s reach. At the end of the day though you really do get what you pay for.

This combo kit includes a hammer drill and a 1/4″ impact driver, which are two of the must have tools if you take your work and/or projects in a serious manner.

Both tools work off a powerful 20 volt Lithium-ion battery. They also use a technology called a brushless motor which can add many years to the lifespan of your tools. It means that the brushes which usually exist on the motors can not burn out and as such will not need to be replaced.

The easiest way to put this is to say, that should you decide to buy this combo kit from DEWALT, you will not need to replace it any time soon.

Buyer Reviews

There are over 500 online buyer reviews by people who have bought this product online at websites such as Amazon. They give this product a very high rating customer satisfaction rating of 92%.

So plenty of buyer reviews and a very high rating means only one thing – a very high quality of product. It is always a great thing to know that there are lots of online buyer reviews, which means that this combination kit from Dewalt sells very well.

When you add the very high buyer satisfaction rating to the number of sales, then you should also take assurance that this is also a very well made product, that buyers think is good value for money, and also works really well and does what it is supposed to do.

Brushless Technology Explained

Power tools run off a motor. Most of these motors are powered by a coil. Typical coils use brushes as the point of contact for generating power. When a motor fails, the most common reason is because these brushes have become worn and need to be replaced.

That is usually a job that needs to be sent away to get fixed and can be a costly enough repair. The technology that DEWALT use in these two tools has a motor that does not use brushes, and so eliminates this irritating problem.

The reality also is that most owners don’t send them away to get fixed either as it is hard to find someone who can do the repair, and also that if they do find someone, then the cost of the repair can be close to the cost of buying a new machine. Brushless technology does away with that problem.

DEWALT DCK296M2 Review

DEWALT DCK296M2 Specification

  • DEWALT-built brushless motor as explained above
  • XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge
  • DCD995 20V MAX1/2″ hammer drill
  • DCF886 20V MAX 1/4″ impact driver
  • (2) 20V MAX XR High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries

What we really liked about this kit, apart from the obvious quality, was the fuel gauge on the batteries. It really is a great thing to know just how much charge you have left and we used that a lot more than we thought we would. It is simply a really nice little feature.

Video Review of the DCK296M2

Check out the video below for a review of this power combo kit. If you ignore the first part he does eventually get to the review. Start at around 2 minutes to get there faster.

DCD995 Hammer Drill

This is a 1/2″ hammer drill with three speeds and a full metal transmission. (no plastic parts) It has an amazing 0-34,000 BPM (blows per minute)which by any standards is impressive.

It measures 8.4″ from the back to the front, so ideal for working in confined areas. It weighs in at 4.7 pounds. This has everything that you would expect from a high quality drill. You will be able to use this one to get through all types of masonry including concrete, mortar, bricks and block.

DCF886 Impact Driver

This is the best cordless impact driver that we have ever used, and we would not say that lightly. It really is very high quality and delivers an incredible 1,500 pounds of torque.

Both myself and the guys who used this one were quite blown away by the power you could get from a nice, compact tool like this.

It measures 5.6″ and weighs 3.4 pounds. It really is compact and we honestly did not think it would have enough power. We were amazed by the torque that this thing can produce.

Other Things You Should Know About The DEWALT DCK296M2

DEWALT WarrantyBoth tools have LED lights that have a 20 second trigger release delay and these work great when working in dark or gloomy conditions.

This combo kit comes with a 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service and a 90 day money back guarantee. You do need to register online to take advantage of that offer, and that is something you should do when your kit arrives.

Don’t leave it for too long as it can easily go out of your head and you might throw out the paperwork by mistake. It only takes about 10 minutes to sign up and get registered online.



Summary of the Dewalt DCK296M2

You also get two 20V batteries along with a fast charger. You also get a couple of belt hooks, a bit holder, a 360 degree side holder and a really high quality contractor bag, to carry it all around in.

The bag is great to keep everything in and easy to carry around. Just make sure to buy a lock for it though as you will not want these to get stolen.

As I have mentioned DEWALT products are never cheap. This one is expensive, but is the highest quality on the market right now.

The main benefit of owning a combo kit such as this Dewalt model, is that you do get the tool cheaper than if you bought them as separate tools. What I think is more important is that they will save you hours in time, as you don’t have to change bits all the time.

On bigger jobs that really is a huge time saver. It also stops the frustration of constantly having to change bits.

This kit also has the hammer function, so as well as normal drilling, this will also take care of any masonry drilling jobs. You will look for a long time to find a better kit than this DCK296M2 model.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun