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By  Enda McLarnon

You can read our extensive article on what types of power toll combos are available in the market by clicking here. It is an extensive buying guide on exactly what to look for.

However in this article we wanted to look at the best deals right now. We will always keep this page right up to date with what we think are the best offers available at any given time.

Power Combo Kits Under $100

There is only one of these available and it is the:

Black and Decker BDCD220CS – 2 pieces, drill/driver and circular saw

This combo kit is not a bad little deal as you get a 20 volt Lithium-Ion battery drill/driver which has plenty of torque, and a 5.5″ saw with a blade. You also get a saw blade along with a charger and a neat looking tool bag.

Something like this is ideal if you were doing a project which mainly used wood. Something like making a work bench, a decking project, or maybe building a fence or a gate. I would class this type of work as summer type projects.

The two tools share the one battery, so you avoid the expense of having to buy an additional one. It isn’t designed for a lot of heavy work, but will be able to handle all of the smaller jobs around the home. It is rated by buyers at 4.5 out of 5 stars so that is a nice consistent rating.

Power Combo Kits Under $200

There are quite a few more to choose from if your budget can stretch from around $120 up to $200. I have listed these below with ratings out of 5 stars:

  • Black & Decker BDCD2204 Kit – 4 tools (4.6 rating)
  • Porter Cable PCCK405N4 Kit – 4 tools (4.4 rating)
  • Porter Cable PCCK614L4 Kit – 4 tools (4.5 rating)
  • Makita LCT209W Kit – 2 tools (4.7 rating)
  • Dewalt DCK280C2 – 2 tools (4.6 rating)

That at least widens out the range at this price point. It is also not that fair to rate a 2-piece against a 4 piece as clearly one gives you 2 extra tools. However we just wanted to show you what was there. We also wanted to pick one so we went with the first on the list.

Black & Decker Matrix 6 Tool Combo Kit Review

You get 6 good and useful tools here which is why we picked this one. You get your drill/driver, a jigsaw, oscillating tool, a router, and impact driver attachments.

All in we think these tools are great quality and a nice little assembly for in and around the $200 price point. As you can see from the buyer’s ratings this set of tools gets a nice consistent feedback, and there is a lot to like about it.

We especially liked the fact that you get 2 batteries. You can be using one and have the other on charge so as you will always have a working battery. It also comes with a blade for each saw and a good quality soft bag to keep it all together.


Power Combo Kits Under $400

At this price point we are moving up and into what we would term as the big boy’s tool kits. Mainly these will be used by the professionals or by contractors. Any home owner who has enough budget available should also strongly consider these options.

Dewalt DCK421D2 – 4 tools (4.4 rating)

Dewalt DCK413S2 – 4 tools (4.9 rating)

Dewalt DCK425C – 4 tools (4.6 rating)

Makita LXT406 – 4 tools (4.6 rating)

Our pick is one from the Dewalt range.

Dewalt DCK413S2 Review

At this price point you do expect to see the major players so Dewalt and Makita tools should be no real surprise. We picked this one simply because it is the very best in this range of price points.

It is just a great drill, and you get an impact driver, a reciprocating saw and a flashlight. Here is one sample review;

In our opinion, the only complaint we have is that the kit bag is a little bit too small. The light is very useful and you can adjust it to where you need it.

This is a light and compact drill with plenty of power. The saw works really well and useful for a whole range of sawing tasks. Out of all of the tools though the impact driver is an absolute favorite tool with many buyers.

We hesitated when we saw that this was a 12 volt tool, but all the reviews that we read convinced us that this was a good tool. Andy, one of our administration guys happened to own this one, and he convinced us that this one was worth including. As we did not test or own this one, we would recommend reading other reviews by buyers over at Amazon.


Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun

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