Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

Our Review of the Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw

This is our review of the expensive, but popular Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw model. This is a 12" dual bevel sliding saw, that is rated well by real life buyers. In this review we will be going through what buyers liked and didn't like about this high end saw.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw Review

You can see from the image above, that this is the classic look from the Milwaukee range of power tools. It is priced at around $570, so this is certainly not a cheap option. It is however high quality, and at the end of the day, you do get what you pay for.

How Do Buyers Rate the ​Milwaukee 6955-20

A great way of deciding if this is the right mitre saw for your own needs, is to review what buyers actually think, and have to say about the product. Most people however don't have the time to do this. That is why we do that for you and then summarise it.

Just below you will see an actual summary breakdown of how buyers rate this Milwaukee saw.​ Buyers have rated this miter saw using a star rating, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. We have summarised those below in percentage form.

70 %
16 %
6 %
5 %
3 %

You can now see at a glance that 7 out of every 10 buyers gave this one the full 5 star reviews. 86% of all buyers rated this as 4 stars or higher. The number of 1 star reviews was very low at only 3%. All of those ratings tell us that this is a very good product.

It has received an overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars or an 84% satisfaction rating.​

What Buyers Said About the Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw

Milwaukee 6955-20 mounted

We now that overall this one gets good enough ratings, without them being exceptional. It is always worth digging a little deeper, to see what buyers are actually saying about this miter saw.

That of course includes the good and bad features. We have summarised those below in a an easy to read "pros and cons" list.

  • Buyers love the easy to read digital layout
  • This is a sliding saw and that makes it great for cutting larger widths
  • The work space light is also a very useful feature
  • Buyers all say that this is a tough, durable and long lasting saw
  • Dust collection is really good unlike many other models
  • The saw feels really solid
  • Many buyers liked the padded handles for comfort
  • Operating buttons are well located and easy to find and use
  • This is an expensive purchase
  • A couple of buyers thought there were too many plastic parts
  • A few though the saw was not just powerful enough for their needs

So as you can see that it is fair to say, that overall this 6955-20 gets really good reviews. There are certainly a great deal more pros than cons.

Video Review of the Milwaukee 6955-20 Dual Bevel Miter Saw

We have included a very good video review of the product just below. if you watch this you will get a very good understanding of the features of this miter saw, and how to use it.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Specification and Important Details

Many buyers of power tools, myself included, do like to know the technical specifications of any power tool that we buy. I have included those below in an easy to read format.

  • 12 inch dual bevel sliding miter saw
  • Weighs  65 lbs
  • Measures 30.9 x 22.8 x 21.9 inches
  • 5 - Year Warranty
  • This is a corded electric saw
  • Has a miter angle fine adjust with dial-in precise miter angles.
  • Has two  dual integral work space lights that fully illuminate the work piece and cut line.
  • It has an electronic soft start
  • The RPM (3,250) of the blade is the same at both no load and during loaded cutting.
  • Has an integral dust channel that captures up to 75% of the dust
  • Has a single lever bevel adjustment with (9) positive bevel stops which allows the saw to easily bevel left and right 0 degrees 48 degrees.
  • Comes with a blade wrench, carbide tipped blade and a dust bag
  • 15 Amp, 3.3 Max HP Direct Drive Motor for consistent performance, even when under load
  • Arbor Size 5/8" or 1"
  • Blade is 12"
  • Maximum Bevel Capacity is 48 degrees
  • Slides using dual horizontal steel rails and three linear bearings
Milwaukee 6955-20 dual bevel saw
Milwaukee 6955-20 sliding 12 inch saw

Our Overall Verdict on the Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw

The reviews are very good and this saw is from the excellent Milwaukee brand. It is however an expensive option and the price will put many people off. If this is not the saw for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of miter saws, by clicking right here.

​Buyers do clearly like this miter saw, and it has been used for a wide variety of mainly woodworking tasks, jobs and projects. The lighting is good, the accuracy is good and overall buyers were really impressed by its cutting capability.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun

Enda McLarnon

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