PORTER-CABLE PCCK405N4 Review 2017


Many of you will be familiar with the Porter-Cable brand. They have manufactured and created a great Combo Kit, which is ideal for the home user. It is one that is fairly new to the market and here we give it an early review.

Overall with a score of 4.3 out of 5.0, buyers over at Amazon tend to rate this one fairly high. As Combo kits go, this one does seem to tick most of the boxes and we here at Tool And Go, think it is good value for money, and is close to being an exceptional product. Before we dig into the review, lets have a quick look at the specification of this product, so as you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

As you can see, for less than $150, you get a good spec drill/driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a flashlight and two 18V batteries. If you were to buy all of those as separate items, the cost would be closer to $300. That is what makes Combo kits such good value, and the reality is that you get, most of the power tools that you will ever need for most projects around the home.

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Porter Cable PCCK405N4 Specification


Below is a bullet point list of the main features and below that I go into more detail on each piece within the combo kit itself.

  • Drill/driver features 1/2-inch single sleeve chuck, high performance motor and 2-speed gearbox
  • Circular saw with 6-1/2-inch blade and up to 50 degree bevel
  • Reciprocating saw delivers 3,000 SPM for fast cutting
  • Flash light with 5-watt bulb provides up to 5 hours of run time
  • Two 18-volt NiCad batteries included that can be used with all the tools

To quickly sum this up you get your drill/driver, two saws and a flashlight. You also get a couple of batteries so you can always have one on charge.


The Drill/Driver

This drill/driver comes with a 1/2″ chuck, contains a high performance motor, and has a two speed gear box for improved torque range. The fact that is cordless means you can use this one just about anywhere you need to. This one can be used for most drilling jobs and also doubles up as handy screwdriver.

It has a keyless chuck and also sports a 32 position clutch for great torque control. This is particularly useful when driving in screws.

The Reciprocating Saw

porter cable reciprocating saw


This saw will do most of your rough cutting jobs around the home. It can produce around 3,000 strokes every minute and that is more than enough to deal with many of the day to day tasks and projects. It comes with a 6″ blade for sawing wood. You can then buy other blades depending on what it is you want to cut through. The good news is that no tools are needed to change the blades. The saw is also a nice compact size and that allows you to work in cramped areas.

It has a variable speed trigger with an electric brake. There is also a handy pivoting shoe that allows you to easily manoeuvre around objects during the cutting process. A nice little tool to have in your kit.

The Circular Saw



This PC186CS circular saw has a 6.5″ cutting blade and can handle up to 50 degree cuts. The spindle lock means you can use single wrench bit changes which is always handy. This is just what we would describe as a really good quality all purpose circular saw, and forms a nice element of this power cordless combo kit.

The Flash Light

Porter Cable PCCK405N4 flashlight

You will not get this extra tool in most combo kits, but we think it is a nice additive. It certainly works really well. It comes with a powerful 5 watt bulb and on a full battery, you get 5 full hours of run time.

Summary Review of the Porter Cable PCCK405N4 Power Cordless Combo Kit

There is no doubt that you get a few useful power tools for your money. If bought separately these would cost almost double the price, so we think that does represent good value for money.

We had suspicions about the quality as the price is low for a combo kit. Based on most of the user reviews that we read, and from our own testing, there appears to be little to worry about when it comes to quality.

Parts are easy to come by and not badly priced. There is also a 3-year warranty against faulty parts and it is nice to have two batteries. We think it would have been nice to throw in a carry bag for these, but other than that, it still remains a good kit for a very good price.

So if you are in the market for a nice combo kit that has useful and quality tools, then this is good one to consider.

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Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun