Top Rated Drill Brands

There are a huge number of different brands and manufacturers that produce drills of various type and quality. For me though I believe there are five top rated drill brands who consistently innovate, develop and try to bring customers the best products. My top 5 are:

  1. Dewalt
  2. Black & Decker
  3. Bosch
  4. Makita
  5. Milwaukee

There are of course other brands, some other top rated drill brands such as the well established Skil, Porter Cable and Hitachi, and then that are others who are trying to break into the tool market. There you will find companies like Genesis, Dextra, Atlas and Craftsman.

Each of them is trying to bring something a little different to the market place, and they either try to compete on price alone, or they try to include additional features that make their drilling products stand out from the crowd. As you can imagine it is a pretty competitive market which is good news for us, the consumer.

The five that I have picked have been around for a long time and they all make high quality products. Overall there is a nice mix of pricing options, plenty of options to pick from, and also reliable customer service and warranties. All of this is backed up when you start digging into the reviews.

Dewalt and Drills

dewalt-drillsI don’t think there is that much doubt in the minds of most professionals that Dewalt do make some of the best tools on the market place. They also just happen to be the most expensive. In essence you are therefore paying for really top notch quality, but that does come at a price.

I use these myself and to be honest I would not use anything else. That said I was a professional contractor and I needed tools that would always work, get the job done and last for ages. They make many different types of tool products and that includes drill/drivers. You can get these as both corded and cordless options which is the same for all of these manufacturers that I have mentioned on this page.

The DWD112 for example is their best selling corded drill, where as the DC970K is their best selling cordless drill.


Black&Decker Drills

black and decker drillsI have a love hate relationship with this brand. Many years ago this was a brand that had a super reputation, but when others started to arrive, I just found that the quality of Black and Decker tools generally started to go down hill about 10 years back. They do however appear to have got their act back together again and are starting to produce some decent tools again.

You can read all about the range of cordless drills from Black and Decker by clicking here.

A good example is this popular cordless drill known as the LD 120VA

I believe that with the introduction of new competition, that B&D tried to compete to avoid losing market share. That is my own opinion of course, but it is very interesting is that they did recover, and are now almost as popular as ever.

These days they make good quality products again and they do make them at affordable prices. They are popular mainly with people who like to do work around the house. That does seem to be the perfect market for them as well.

Bosch Drills

bosch-drillsI like Bosch products but mainly I have bought their gardening tools like strimmers, lawn mowers and clippers etc. I have used their drills before as well and again they make what I would class as good quality products.

Their prices are really good as well. If you are looking for something reliable and dependable in a drill, then this is the ideal brand for you due to their consistency. There are also a lot of users out there who simply trust this great brand, and that is a reputation that they have built up over the years.

They make quite a few drills and get pretty consistent reviews. If you would like to see and read about their full range of cordless drills then please click here.

Makita Drills

makita-drillsI really do not like making comments or having opinions on drills that I have not used myself. I asked my colleague Geoff who has though and he likes them, though he does find them slightly over priced. He told me that to get the very best value out of Makita, then go for some type of combo kit.

They seem to do a lot of these types of combination where they bundle together a drill and an impact driver and according to Geoff, these combinations are great value as they share the same battery pack and you can pick two good tools up for around $130.

They are certainly starting to rise in popularity.

Milwaukee Drills

milwaukee drillsThese are growing in popularity and now starting to really challenge some of the better known brands. I don’t own any of their products but I have used them and they are very good. Their bright red branding certainly makes them distinctive looking, and I would say they are at the higher end of the pricing scale.

Quite a few people have mentioned that they view themselves as being a real genuine competitor for Dewalt. Now as a huge fan of that brand, it will certainly be interesting to see how they progress as they are taking on a huge market player.

Buyers of these do leave very good reviews and have a good experience with them.

Other Drill Making Brands

There are of course other brands out there like Hitachi, Porter Cable, Kawasaki and others. Over the years though the 5 brands that I have mentioned above truly do dominate the market for the production of drills. Professionals and contractors tend to go with Dewalt as their number one choice. They are expensive and high quality.

The typical person who does projects around the house or in the garden tends to go for Black and Decker. In the main though for many people it just comes down to what they can afford or the amount of money they can afford to spend at the particular time they need to buy a new drill. Some other people just lie to stick with a brand that they like and trust.