WEN 4208 Drill Press Review 

By  Enda McLarnon

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press Review

This is our review of the WEN 4208 drill press and currently one of the best selling drill presses on the market. We believe the main reason for its popularity is down to the generally affordable price point of around $80, depending on where you buy this item.

There are also enough features on this press to make it attractive to a variety of users, and more importantly, other buyers have given this press an impressive 87% buyer satisfaction rating.

That high rating and a sensible price point of around $80 clearly make this a popular choice for many buyers. You can see its general appearance in the image just below.

WEN 4208 Drill Press

A Little About the Wen Company

WEN were founded by Nick Anton in 1951. They are best known for bringing tools and electricity together with tools such as the chainsaw, soldering guns, jigsaws etc.

WEN also pioneered random orbital technology; the technology seen in most polishers, waxers, and buffers today that gives cars everywhere the streak free shine they deserve.

Up until 2001, they have already sold over 50 million consumer units. Today, WEN's headquarters can be found in Elgin, Illinois. Their goal is to help woodworkers and artisans across the world execute their wildest imaginations.

Summary Specification Review

Below we have summarised the main elements of this drill press so as you can see the key parts, and if those features make this one suitable for your own specific needs.

  • Has a 1/2" keyed chuck
  • 5 Speeds - 740, 1100, 1530, 2100 and 3140 RPM
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • Spindle Travel is 2" - locking linear depth stops
  • Cast iron work table (6-1/2 x 6-1/2")
  • Height adjustable
  • Bevels up to 45 degrees left and right

We will go into the features that we think are important in more detail down below. For now though we want to explain what the real life buyers have to say about their purchase.

Just below you will find a pros and cons table of what online buyers had to say after they had bought and used this WEN 8 inch drill press.

What Buyers Say About the WEN 4208?

Buyer Satisfaction

The overall buyer satisfaction rating on this press is 87%. That is the overall average given to this by buyers online. We have taken the many reviews from different websites, and then worked out the average value.

87% rating is considered a very good rating. Now let's see what they had to say.


  • 58% of buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • Most buyers appreciated that this one is good value for money but has limitations
  • Buyers said this is not a work of art, but it is tough enough and most importantly it is light enough to be able to handle and move around
  • Buyers said the base was solid and substantial
  • Buyers said it was quiet and very little wobble


  • 7% of buyers gave this drill press a bad rating
  • Some buyers said this is just not powerful enough
  • A few buyers said that it stalled if under a load
  • Some buyers said that the table handle being on the left side is inconvenient.

Overall the drill press does get a majority of good reviews. Buyers seem to like it because of its smaller size, and that it can be easily stored when not in use.

Generally speaking it doesn't wobble, it's easy to set up and get going and good value for money.

Our Verdict on the WEN 4208 Drill Press

If the majority of your work is light duty then this will be a good choice. To set this up and assemble is a pretty straightforward process.

There is vary little in the way of run out, and thankfully it has a place for the chuck so as that doesn't get lost

With any drill press it is always recommended that you bolt it down in a permanent spot. That will always make a drill press a more solid and reliable tool. With this one the same process should apply.

However some buyers want to be able to use the drill press and then be able to store it away. As long as you clamp it down with something then that will work.

Just remember though that all drill presses are by design top heavy, so never use this without either clamping or better still, bolting it down.

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press Review

Chuck Key Holder

WEN 4208 depth guide

Click on any image for a larger view

A key feature for us on any type of drill press is that the spindle stays on a nice axis and that the motor doesn't die.

The huge majority of buyers said that the spindle on this is good, and I didn't find any complaints about the motor, other than a few buyers who said this was not powerful enough.

WEN 4208 bevel adjustment

Bevel Adjustment

That opinion will always come down to what task you are doing. If you are drilling really large holes in harder woods or metal, then this is not the one for you.

Please be aware that this is not a industrial drill press ready to tackle big jobs.

It is fine for working on most jobs around the home or garage. It will work well with hard woods like oak and using something the size of a large forstner bit.

If this is not the drill press for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of drill presses by clicking here.

As for the WEN 4208 model it is a a general all-purpose garage/workshop drill press, and this one is considered to be good value for the money. It is also an ideal option for anyone who does not want to spend a whole lot of money on a larger and more expensive drill press.

Enda McLarnon

Enda McLarnon is now retired and is now enjoying writing about his love of power tools. All types of these tools are now available and they make working on projects and DIY jobs around the home a great deal of fun

Enda McLarnon

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